About Us


Today’s digital landscape is an exciting time of movement and possibility. However, all too often, working-class communities of color don’t have access to the resources or technical skills to participate in the field. This is the gap we hope to fill at  Digital Action Hub.

Digital Action is a non-profit startup empowering the Excelsior neighborhood through skill-building opportunities in the areas of computer science, technology, design, and innovation.

We are creating a space for the community to discover and learn, while also enabling a valuable pipeline for those currently disconnected from the wealth of opportunity in San Francisco. Digital Action is building technical abilities and matching them with an encouraging and supportive environment that reflects the values of our community. We are a technology learning center. We are a co-working space. We are a community home. We are a launch pad to inspire future creators, tech entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Individuals and local organizations are welcome to join our community and become Digital Action Hub members.


Meet the Team


Lena Carew---Founder and Executive Director

Lena first developed a deep passion for education equity as a student organizer and program director with Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth where she founded the community-college organizing project called Students Making a Change. Now, Lena consults with schools to integrate educational technologies. She creates curricula, designs programs, and coaches educators to implement technologies which enhance learning outcomes.  

Lena has the pleasure of serving on the Public Education Enrichment Fund's Community Advisory Committee in San Francisco. She is deeply passionate about leadership development, entrepreneurship and design. Lena received her B.S. from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and is a Master's Candidate studying Digital Media and Education at the University of Michigan. 


Lulu Matute.jpg

Lulu Matute---Co-Founder and Program Director

Lulu began her advocacy work while attending a public charter high school founded by local community activists in the West Side of Chicago. She continued building her voice as an advocate for underrepresented communities after enrolling at City College of San Francisco. There, she joined Students Making a Change (S.M.A.C.), a student-led club dedicated to pushing for equitable policies for students of color in higher education. While working with S.M.A.C., she identified a correlation between achievement gaps and digital literacy. She also saw the potential in using technology as a tool for student advocacy. 

Today she serves as coordinator and program director of both S.M.A.C and Digital Action Hub, respectively. She hopes to merge technology, education advocacy and student activism to address achievement gaps and digital divides simultaneously. Lulu holds an Associates of Science in Social and Behavioral Science and an Associates of Arts in Arts and Humanities from City College of San Francisco. She is continuing her undergraduate education at University of California, Berkeley.